1. Working at a stand-up desk brings immediate relief to lower back pain sufferers.

2. With a stand-up desk you have your choice of standing or sitting.

3. Drafting chairs or work stools work great with stand-up desks giving you the coice of standing or sitting.

4. You can literally do simple back pain relieving exercises while working at your stand-up desk.

5. Stand-up desks pay for themselves quickly with both increased and improved productivity.

6. Stand-up desks are as attractive as they are functional. They can be custom made to fit your height, decor color, and work style

7. Feel far less fatigued at the end of the day as a result of improved circulation and exercise.

8. Computer stand-up desks offer a tremendous storage solution. You can fit your CPU, hard drive, storage devices, printer and/or other supplies on the underneath flat rack shelf.

9. Our Amish made stand-up desks are the best made, least expensive stand-up desks built in America today.

10. You can help pay for your stand-up desk using our customer referral rebate program. Every time you refer someone to our company that buys one of our desks you earn $100.00 per desk.

The biggest pay back will always be your increased productivity. If being stuck behind a desk all day is slowing you down you may be already paying for one of our standup desks without the pleasure of owning one!

All stand-up desks and drafting tables are hand crafted to order, with not only the desk customized for the customer’s height, but also the width, style, type of wood, stain choice, fixtures and other various options, come together to create the perfect working environment for you. We offer standing computer desks, writing desks, drafting tables and other customized styles, with prices starting at just $645.00! Take a moment and examine the various styles and colors of our stand-up desks. We’ve named some of our desks after some of the most famous people who mostly used stand-up desks throughout their illustrious careers., including our newest addition The Executive and Deluxe Executive Stand-up Desks are available in a stand-up or traditional sit-down versions.

Our stand-up desks are custom made to the primary users height. You may want to simulate a desired height at a make-shift work station and see what height feels best for you. If you aren’t sure give us a call. Most of our desks come with a brass or matching wood foot rest rail. Using this takes a lot of strain off your lower back. The key to being comfortable is to not slouch over too much nor be standing too erect.

Our stand-up desks can be custom made to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of styles (we have 21), seven different woods, plus dozens of finishes, leathers and sizes. In fact, no other manufacturer comes even close to the the variety of sizes, styles, woods, fixtures and stains that we offer. Each reproduction is exquisitely crafted by hand. We can even custom match your current office furniture. We can custom make a desk just for you if you do not find exactly what you are looking for here. We also make matching filing cabinets both vertical and lateral. Give us a call at: 1-800-383-1356 or if no answer call the workshop at 1-888-825-8423 to talk to one of our designers or email us with any questions. You may also wish to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. When you call be sure to ask for our new video brochure.

By now I hope you appreciate all the advantages of working at a stand-up desk and will give one of our desks a try so you too can discover the many advantages of being able to stand or sit while working. We are very proud of our Amish craftsmen who build all of our desks. Their workmanship is world renowned and unsurpassed among handmade furniture and cabinet makers. Best of all, their furniture is reasonably priced with no compromise in quality. Take a look at the different style desks and see what desk will best fit your work style and your office decor