As you probably have already discovered most treadmill desks look like they belong in a gym. If you are considering both a standing desk and a treadmill to go with it and would prefer it looks like furniture not a science lab experiment, standupdesks.comoffers a wide variety of desks that can be configured to work with a treadmill. In fact almost 90% of our models can be configured to work with the proper treadmill. Stand up desk treadmills are designed a little differently than most treadmills. They most always do not have side support handles or rails. They are usually just a flat walking treadmill with a wire connecting the base to the control panel and that control panel can be placed on top of the desk or built into the desk if you so desire. As you explore our site you will see the models marked with a treadmill configuration logo . We do not charge extra for this alteration but you must let us know and mark your order form properly so we can configure your desk to fit your particular treadmill make and model. At this time we do not sell treadmills but they certainly are not hard to find. The walking treadmills that work with stand-up desks are usually less money than the big heavy expensive models. Many we have seen have just as good a warranty as the big, heavy expensive models. Please call us if you have any questions or wish to discuss various configurations for your standing treadmill desk that is in fact a desk and not merely an adjustable table top. Call Jim at 330-807-1956 to discuss any customization