Who We Are

Mode-de-vie Empire is a humanitarian organization that was founded by a group of patriotic Jamaicans, living at home and abroad. We willing to give back to the Jamaican society in a positive way. Our team at Mode-de-vieempire is driven by the passion for making a difference as well as by the vision of a transformed Jamaica, through positive intervention and investment. We focus on the lives of targeted and at-risk adolescents and the communities in which they live.

We do not discriminate on the basis of class, gender, religion, or ethnicity. Through dedicated services of like-minded entities and individuals. We reach out to the less-fortunate with a focus on secondary school graduates and drop-outs who typically fall through the cracks and are caught in the vicious cycle of neglect, abuse, poverty, and under-achievement.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve something worthwhile in life and we desire to provide an alternative path as opposed to an unproductive lifestyle. The lack of self-worth and feelings of disillusionment, which more often than not, can leads to a life of crime and violence. An individual can help one, but together, we can achieve more. At Mode-de-vieempire, we aim to be our brother’s keeper and seeks to partner with like-minded stakeholders who hold the vision of Jamaica as the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business.

Our Vision

Our determination stems from the need for change, dispite any opposition.

‘’Creating a roadmap for change needs the vision to see a better way, and in fact, a belief that a better way is possible’’.

Our Mission

Everyone should have the freedom and safety to reach their full potential.When institutional policies or cultural norms view some lives as more significant than others, we aim to hold them, and those behind them to be accountable.

What We Do

We believe everyone has an ability to transform into something extraordinary given the right opportunities.
At Mode-de-vieempire, we together with the like-minded stakeholders wish to restore the vision of Jamaica as “the place of choice to live, to work, to raise families, and to do business.”

There is an abundance of communities in Jamaica where working-poor families struggle to put food on their tables. It’s in such situations that a free bag of groceries, the chance to visit an employer for a job prospect, a free life-saving health screening, or even a family portrait can serve as life-changing experiences that transform families and strengthen communities.

This is exactly what we aim to do. Let the change trickle, little by little.

Join Hands to Bring Hope and Healing to Everyone in Need

The world is a big place, so are its crises. At Mode-Die-Vieempire, we look at the big picture. We take a holistic, integrated approach to empowering Jamaica’s most vulnerable communities.
Our approach builds resilience, so communities can build their futures. As a humanitarian organization, Mode-de-vieempire helps empower others to live independent lives, free from poverty, illness and hunger. We are a group of philanthropists from Jamaica, partnering with businesses, individuals and other humanitarian organizations to employ multiple programs to provide support to anyone in need. It’s time to come together and make things work.

Our Story

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