How We Started

As a secondary school graduate living in a rural Jamaican community, I had the first-hand experience in living in lower class society, I needed help to establish myself but nowhere the means to find that knowledge and guidance. I did not have the financial background to move on to further studies or the proper qualification to get a job, nor could I find any motivation from those around me. As a self motivated person, I had to painfully experience what it was like to want to take the next step and not being able to do so. I tried numerous times to get a job without success, not

knowing that my approach was the biggest obstacle. I knew nothing about writing an application letter, dress code, or how to prepare and present myself at work. What a difference it would have made if someone had reached out to me in my time of need and offered me a few ‘How To’ guidelines!

After living in the USA for some time and receiving training in different service areas, I came to realize what it takes to get ahead. This ignited in me a desire to help secondary school leavers and drop-outs back home who are facing the same predicament that I did. Channeling that, I began using my workplace as a platform to introduce this idea and the feedback I received, encouraged me to keep going. After months of thinking and planning I reached out to other individual form the community who had similar perspective and through discussion and collaboration the dream of establishing Mode-de-vieempire became a reality.