What We Do

Scholarship Grant. We empower the younger generation by giving them the gift of education through identifying outstanding student and organize scholarship grants

Mode-de-vie Empire aims to help create a more safe, caring and friendly Jamaica by doing the little we can to alleviate some of the social problems that underlay juvenile delinquency and spiraling crime and violence.

Motivated by the sufferings all around, we serve all people — no matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender. We stand for the possibility of giving everyone a chance.

We strive to give every individual what they need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Economic Opportunities

We engage with local stakeholders to help individual, ensure the wellbeing and restore dignity while organizing workshops, acquainting people with resume building, interview skills, and job sustainability.


We work with communities to improve various lifestyle, such as: primary healthcare services, nutrition education, disease awareness and prevention programs. We offer vulnerable communities the tools to reduce serious illness and improve wellbeing.


Education is the cornerstone of productive strong communities and the engine of economic and social resilience. Mode-de-vieempire enables communities affected by conflict and other disadvantages to have safe quality education for boys and girls alike.

Combat Crime

There is no silver bullet to ending violence and exploitation. We are constantly listening, evaluating, correcting and innovating our ways to end crime in the Jamaican community.