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Girl Power Clothing strives to teach girls about their importance and their strengths.

Research shows that our values and our inner voices start forming during the first few months of life!  By the age of 5, we have the foundation for how we view ourselves and the world from a female perspective. We believe clothing for girls should speak to them about their capabilities, about their true beauty, and about their power.

We believe in messages that support and encourage girls to be who they are and to instill strong inner voices.


Leanna and Erika started Girl Power Clothing with the mission of instilling strong inner voices in young girls.


Having a family and a career is not always easy, but Erika enjoys the challenge of balancing all of these different roles. As the mother of a vibrant one-year-old girl, she has dreams for her daughter to do anything that she wants in life. As an estate planning attorney for over 15 years, Erika enjoys helping people by giving them the peace of mind that their affairs are in order. However, she has always had a creative side: fashion and design has been a passion from a very young age. This product line has been a long time coming and it has allowed her to be imaginative while still making a difference. As an attorney, she has made an impact in lives of many families. Now, a co-founder of the Girl Power clothing line, she is hoping to make a difference in many more. Words are very powerful, and that is why Erika and Leanna designed a clothing line that delivers messages of hope, confidence, and courage. Erika is so excited to be a part of this product line and to have the opportunity to share it with all of you.


As a doctoral candidate who works closely with children in both personal and professional capacities, Leanna has witnessed the strength of empowerment firsthand. Her philosophy is to instill strong inner voices early in life. Girl’s clothing does not speak to little girls about their capabilities, their true beauty, or their power. Research shows that our values and our inner voice start forming during the first few years of life. By the age of 5, we have the foundation of how we view ourselves and the world from a female perspective. For girls to know they have a voice, we need to teach them to use it.  Together, let’s encourage them to foster their GIRL POWER!



Alice Pozzi is a simple woman who loves making photographs and spending time with her family. She is studying to become a Clinical psychologist, but enjoys to take on creative projects. She particularly enjoys portrait photography and seeing people’s expressions come alive through the lens. She strongly supports this business as a woman, as a mother, and as a psychologist.

For inquiries contact: alicepozzi.e@gmail.com

Instagram: old.soul


I moved from Oklahoma to Southern California in 2013 with my wife and son. I have always had a love for photography and I’m excited to explore that passion with my clients and to help bring the Girl Power message to the world.

You can view my portfolio at https://ch-photography.smugmug.com and you can contact me at 949-423-9445.